Apple Forced to Include iPhone Chargers After Not Demonstrating 'Environmental Benefits'
The controversy over iPhones without a charger or headphones has been on the rise, as authorities in Brazil have demanded that the Cupertino-based company include a charger with the new mobile devices that are planned to be sold in the country, something they have not done. since the launch of the iPhone 12.
All of the above, after the Procon-SP Foundation , which is dedicated to consumer protection in Sao Paulo, Brazil, has asked Apple for valid proof not to include the charger in the box of the new smartphones. is negative for users.
In the same way, it asks you to verify the real and specific advantages that not including this charger of iPhones represents for the environment and how this action affects in a 'positive' way.
According to a statement released on the Procon-SP page, Apple is asked to verify the benefits of selling its phones without a charger.
The decision is being evaluated by the authorities. The foundation ends by noting that Apple's conduct will be reviewed by the supervisory board. In the same way that consumers should receive a charger from the company.
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