The clock is ticking on those unvaccinated L.A. city workers. Will they come around?
Come Wednesday, the deadline for getting COVID-19 vaccinations, we’ll find out what the penalty will be for Los Angeles city employees who refuse to comply with the mandate.
Resisters could number in the thousands.
Cristian Granucci — one of more than 100 LAFD firefighters who live outside California — said in a video screed that he was so angry about the mandate, his “head could pop”?
I also saw one proposal that would put unvaccinated employees on notice Wednesday, giving them until Dec. 18 to comply or face unspecified consequences, and requiring them to take a coronavirus test twice a week in the interim on their own time and at their own cost.
For employees who don’t fall into line by Wednesday, the five-day deal sounds fair enough to me.
But these resisters, posing as freedom fighters, offer a glimpse of a darker side, and they’re squandering trust by refusing a safe and simple procedure that would protect themselves and the public they’re sworn to protect.