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Epcot Overhaul Ends in 2023

The 2021 Destination D23 event at Walt Disney World offered some morsels of information about the Epcot overhaul, while disappointingly omitting other key pieces of information, concept art, opening dates, and even entire attractions and pavilions.
Going into the weekend, our hope and expectation was that Imagineering would release new concept for the Epcot overhaul–in particular, the central spine or core of the park, which is currently behind a maze of construction walls.
Unfortunately, those plans never came to fruition and were subsequently supplanted.
The replacement concept art came at the 2019 D23 Expo.
Here’s a look at the main overview, which is technically the “current” version of the Epcot overhaul concept art: Current has air quotes around it above because there are some aspects of this overhaul we now know won’t happen, like the multi-level festival center between Journey into Imagination and Creations Shop.
Otherwise, the description for this has always been vague–that it’ll feature natural environments, global design elements, interactive magic, and gardens.
Specific pieces of concept art have offered a bit more clarity, but even many of those have been impressionistic.
The only problem is that most of World Celebration is the Giant Epcot Dirt Pit,™️ and the substantive additions for the new areas are largely still under construction.
Here’s hoping we get some new concept art some point soon.