Former Day6 member Jae Park apologizes to Jamie, but not before receiving backlash from netizens
Former Day6 member Jae Park apologized for his inappropriate comments about Jamie aka Jimin Park, but not before receiving immense backlash from Jamie and the Internet.
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The immediate reaction from most K-pop fans online was one of shock and dismay, with many calling Jae Park’s statements insensitive and offensive, regardless of his friendship with Jamie.
Some however jumped to the rapper’s defense, sharing an extended version of the video, where Jae Park states that he was confused between the terms 'thot' and 'baddie'.
Park also claimed that he and Jamie joke around with each other all the time.
The former 15& member expressed her sadness and shock after hearing Park’s comments in a series of now deleted tweets.
Jae had even made appearances on Jamie's YouTube channel, Our Girl Jamie.
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