Former President Clinton expects to be discharged from Orange County hospital on Sunday
Former President Clinton is expected to be released from an Orange County hospital on Sunday after spending nearly a week there because of an infection, a spokesman said.
The 75-year-old former president was in Southern California this week — his first trip to the West Coast since the pandemic hit — to speak at a Clinton Foundation reception and dinner on Thursday.
While visiting friends Tuesday in Orange County, he felt fatigued and was admitted to the hospital.
Clinton had a urinary tract infection, a common ailment.
The former president has been receiving intravenous antibiotics and fluids since Tuesday and remained hospitalized through the weekend to continue that treatment, Ureña said.
The former President also received a phone call Friday from President Joe Biden.
“Oh, I wanted to see how he was doing,” Biden told reporters while traveling in Connecticut. “He’s doing fine. He really is. "