Frank Reich's statement could cause Carson Wentz problems at Indy

The Indianapolis Colts had two chances in Weeks 17 and 18 to clinch a playoff berth.
Fans were quick to blame the quarterback, who had a very patchy first year at Indianapolis.
On Monday, Indianapolis Colts head coach Franck Reich was asked about the tenure of quarterback Carson Wentz heading into the 2022 NFL season.
Indianapolis Colts v Jacksonville Jaguars
Reich was all-in in regards to trading for Wentz this past offseason.
After the Indianapolis Colts were defeated by the Buffalo Bills in the Wild Card round last season, Reich was asked if he would like Rivers to return to the Colts in 2021.
Having a strong passing game to compliment the running game would make the Colts nearly unstoppable.
He threw for 148 passing yards in Week 17 against the Raiders and 185 passing yards in Week 18 against a struggling Jaguars defense.
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