Google’s Web Stories Now Prominently Featured on Mobile Search in the US

Search results on mobile got enriched with
short vertical videos and web stories
The time has come. Google is now prominently displaying the ‘Visual Stories’ unit (that features Web Stories) on mobile in the US.
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Until now, the audience for web stories has come primarily from the discovery carousel, providing publishers with a significant audience
Visual Stories is a new module that appears in Google’s search results on mobile. The feature includes a collection of Web Stories that Google algorithmically selects to show for users.
This module was presented by Google back in 2019 in Japan and is now live in the USA
But after an intense period of testing that began late last year, and the threshold of 100,000 new web stories produced each day crossed in June 2021
Google's visual story unit can now display directly in the SERP in different formats, ranging from 2 web stories to 4 web stories.
Now that you have an understanding of the Visual Stories unit as a SERP feature on Google, check out some important factors when trying to rank within the unit on mobile on Brodie Clark Web site.
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