The most awaited function finally arrives?The most awaited function finally arrives?
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The most awaited function finally arrives?

We already know a lot about the iPhone 14, but this news has just arrived: Apple could finally add an Always-On screen in its next models. Nothing is certain but we have never been so close.
If it is necessary to make the list of the best informants who can leak serious information in the world of smartphones, Ross Young is certainly on the podium. Behind his Twitter account hides an expert in the screen industry, and his latest analysis has caused quite a stir.
A new screen technology for the iPhone 14 Pro
Ross Young thinks Apple should move to a minimum screen refresh rate of 1Hz.
In his conference, he mentions that Apple could change its production method to adopt a new technology in the panels of the iPhone 14 Pro. For the moment and unlike the iPhone 13 and 13 mini, the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max are equipped with a ProMotion screen, only going down to 10 Hz.
A better ProMotion screen for the Always-On Display on the iPhone 14 Pro
The ProMotion is a marketing name adopted by Apple and indicating a refresh rate that can go up to 120 Hz. This refresh rate can also drop down to 10 Hz depending on what is happening on the screen in order to preserve battery life.
For example, if you are scrolling Twitter, you need smoothness and therefore the screen will go up to 120Hz. If you are looking at a photo, the image is still, so you only need 10Hz.
However, the latest flagships from competing brands like Samsung manage to lower this rate to just 1 Hz. This is what allows, among other things, to offer the “Always-On” function, which even when the screen is locked, displays the time as well as elements of your choice such as notifications.
For years before every iPhone release and every announcement of a new version of iOS, fans have been waiting for Apple to announce this possibility, but in vain.
The arrival of 1 Hz in the iPhone 14 Pro could therefore indicate that the Cupertino company is preparing the ground to add the Always-On Display.
Nothing is confirmed, but it gives us some hope.
In any case, a screen dropping to 1 Hz should still improve the endurance of the iPhone a little, that's always taken.
Planned as every year for the month of September, the next iPhones have their share of rumors, and this one is added to the pile to make those who are a little jealous of Android drool.