My Day at Hollywood Studios Using Genie+
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If anything, my screw-up here probably makes this day more realistic!
In the meantime, it was time for Slinky Dog Dash (my total Lightning Lane wait was 4 minutes).
While browsing My Disney Experience, I also scored an ADR for us later in the afternoon at the Hollywood Brown Derby.
There’s a lot of new food that we “need” to review at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but some might say it’s just as important to do quality control on the Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese Sandwich that I order all the time.
Genie+ and Lightning Lanes threw that out the window, since those guests aren’t standing in line and it’s impossible to know how many ride reservations have been distributed and will return within a given time frame.
This is just one of many perplexing UI issues with Genie+ and Genie.
This is another instance of my experience not being comparable to yours–I’m constantly checking the app for the sake of research and putting together plans.
However, Genie+ is not necessary at DHS.
For anyone who doesn’t want to re-ride attractions multiple times, that is arguably also the better way to do DHS, as it doesn’t involve spending the full day at the park.
For what to do and when to do it, our Walt Disney World Ride Guides will help.