Oregon-born gray wolf dies after 'epic' California trek
An Oregon-born gray wolf that thrilled biologists as it journeyed far south into California was found dead after apparently being struck by a vehicle, authorities said Wednesday.
“Before his demise, he was documented traveling the farthest south in California since wolves returned to the state, which is historically wolf habitat.
The last documented wolf that far south was captured in San Bernardino County in 1922,” the department said.
The carcass was located along a dirt trail near a frontage road running parallel to Interstate 5, and a warden who responded quickly identified the wolf as OR93 because of a radio tracking collar it wore, the department said.
OR93 was born to the White River pack in northern Oregon in 2019.
OR93 was among a small number of gray wolves that have begun coming to California from other states.
“In this annual time of reflection, I thank him for the hope he gave us and for a brief glimpse into what it would be like for wolves to roam wild and free again,” Weiss said.