Prince Harry : Don't 'pillage' my African sanctuary for oil, Duke tells Canadian company
The Duke of Sussex has pleaded with corporate oil drillers not to “pillage the ecosystem for potential profit” as he launched a new environmental campaign.
In a joint opinion piece for The Washington Post, the Duke and activist Reinhold Mangundu described the Okavango River Basin in southern Africa as a “natural beating heart that has nourished humans and wildlife for generations”.
The opinion piece is part of the Duke’s campaign with conservation group Re:wild.
They highlighted an oil spill off the coast of California earlier this month and a fire on the ocean's surface off the Gulf of Mexico in July, saying: “There is no way to repair the damage from these kinds of mistakes.
“Drilling is an outdated gamble that reaps disastrous consequences for many, and incredible riches for a powerful few.
“It represents a continued investment in fossil fuels instead of renewable energies.”.