Superman is Bigger than The American Way
A Better Tomorrow for the Man of Steel Awaits
Superman has a brand new mission statement, and it’s one that speaks to the realities of both the 21st century and the history of the character.
“Whenever you meet up with anyone who is trying to cause trouble between people – anyone who tries to tell you that a man can’t be a good American because he’s a Catholic or a Jew, a Protestant or whatever – you can be pretty sure he’s a rotten American himself.
Not only a rotten American, but a rotten human being.
Superman Anti-Racism Poster (1950)
But not even the presence of those three magic words could keep The Adventures of Superman from falling under scrutiny from the House Un-American Activities Committee, with actor Robert Shayne, who portrayed Inspector Bill Henderson on the show getting called before them.
The only time I can remember the phrase actually being uttered by the character unironically is in the pilot episode of the 1988 syndicated Superboy TV series.