"The ball is in his court" - Cody Rhodes has many choices outside of returning to WWE
It has been reported that Cody Rhodes has "multiple options" to explore instead of returning to WWE. Cody Rhodes shocked the wrestling world by announcing his exit from AEW last month.
The former TNT Champion has since been rumored to make a return to WWE.
In what has been the talk of the wrestling world in 2022, Dave Meltzer wrote on the Wrestling Observer Forum that Rhodes currently has many offers on the table instead of making a return to WWE.
“Negotiations hit a snag. He has multiple offers. He has to make a decision. WWE wants the decision made soon for obvious reasons. The ball is in his court.” H/T EWrestling News
Initial reports seemed to suggest that Cody Rhodes will be making his return very soon to compete at this year's WrestleMania. However, these plans seem to have stalled as of late.
Whilst many respect Cody's decision to follow his heart and leave All Elite Wrestling, former WWE star Chris Jericho sees things differently.
A former WWE Superstar thinks Cody Rhodes will regret leaving AEW
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"I honestly think, in a few years, he'll look back and think, 'I had it pretty good in AEW. Maybe I should have stuck around.' But you can't think that way. Guys come and go all the time. That's the business. Look at WWE - Hulk Hogan left, Bret Hart left, Steve Austin left, The Rock left, John Cena left, Shawn Michaels left. It's Saturday Night Live. Adam Sandler left. Eddie Murphy left. Will Ferrell left. What do we do? You build new stars and move forward. Good luck to Cody, and good luck to us. That's the nature of the beast."
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