Washington Hears Echoes of the ’50s and Worries: Is This a Cold War With China?
The White House is reluctant to label this multi-layered approach. This may explain why Mr. Biden hasn’t made a speech to elaborate on it yet.
But his actions so far are more and more similar to those of the world of competitive coexistence, a little sharper than the “peaceful coexistence” used by Soviet leader Nikita S. Khrushchev to characterize the old Cold War. increase.
But if the administration is still struggling with the term, it says it knows what this is not.
“This isn’t like the Cold War, which was primarily an arms race,” Biden said in an interview, anonymously. The Biden White House doesn’t have an area with words. Measured more carefully than talking about relations with Beijing.
In this superpower standoff, Huawei and China Telecom devices run data through NATO countries, China-owned TikTok apps are activated on tens of millions of U.S. phones, and Beijing is advanced.
All these lines are blurred, fearing Western crackdowns on semiconductor sales. China, including Huawei, could cripple some of its national champions