Young employees are losing out 'on a lot' by not going to the office, business experts say
Research shows that many younger employees are feeling increasingly disconnected and committed to their jobs while working from home.
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There’s hidden value, he adds, in in-office interactions that can’t be replicated over Zoom.
“You get to watch how your co-workers interact with each other, listen to office gossip, and get a stronger sense of what skills the organization values as well as the direction they’re heading,” Cappelli says.
It’s difficult to master communication skills and build the relationships with co-workers that help you feel connected to your organization and better understand your job in a remote environment, Bryan Hancock, the global head of talent work at the management consulting firm McKinsey & Co., tells CNBC Make It.
A different poll of more than 500 college students and recent graduates in July from Generation Lab, a research firm that tracks youth trends found that 40% of college students and recent graduates prefer completely in-person work.
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